Here at Yashima we are constantly striving to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We’ll never stop until we get there.


In 1968 Yashima started as a manufacturer of car maintenance testing machines.

As motorization began to grip the world, we entered the car body repair field as one of the first pioneers.

Since our humble beginnings, we have continued to bring fresh ideas, technical innovation and skill that has taken us to the forefront of the industry.



Especially when it comes to the spot welding machine field Yashima, through a reputation for superior technology and outstanding ingenuity, holds a market leader position.


It is entirely because of the continued support of you, our customers, that we are where we are today. So we would like to express our gratitude and furthermore make clear our commitment to bringing you every possible improvement and innovation we can.


In recent years Yashima has developed a vision for the future that is not just about turnover and profit.


We would like to promise

  • New value creation
  • A commitment to social contribution
  • The highest level of customer satisfaction
  • A stage for our employees to achieve a high sense of self-fulfillment.
  • To be a company that can contribute as best as it can to the world and its people.




To achieving this end, all of us at Yashima are committed to continually striving forward

and of cause we appreciate your continued support and guidance long into the future.